Maintenance Coaching is an on-going support program for those who have worked with me in private sessions or workshops and want to continue their personal progress in creating positive change in their life. 

Maintenance Coaching is ideal for:

  • Continuing the momentum generated in your private coaching sessions or workshop
  • Staying on track and focused toward the changes you most want to create next

The Maintenance Coaching Program is:

  • A dependable check-in 2 times per month for support, strategies, fresh perspective, and furtherance of your goals and actionable needs
  • Your opportunity to address any hurdles or challenges you may have encountered, or important decisions you are grappling with
  • Twice monthly supportive accountability to be sure you are reaching and achieving your personal and/or professional goals and action items

This two-session per month Maintenance Coaching Program is conducted over your choice of three or six months and includes:

  • Two, 50-minute private coaching sessions scheduled in advance monthly to ensure momentum
  • Two (2) phone calls during which we can address any questions, hurdles, or breakthroughs, as well as e-mail support between sessions

The Maintenance Coaching Program is $175 per month (paid on the 1st of each month’s scheduled sessions). Upon receipt, we will contact you via e-mail and/or telephone to set up a schedule. Session options are in-person at the Sturbridge office or online via

Maintenance Coaching Program

Price: $175.00