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"We must be the change we want to see in the world." ~ Gandhi

Rita Schiano ~ Live A Flourishing Life is also a community of people, businesses and organizations committed to making a difference in the lives of people and the global environment. Here are the latest initiatives with which Live A Flourishing Life© is involved and the people, businesses and organizations who work with us in these efforts.


2019 Project Support

Hitchcock Free Academy

Sip & Stars




2018 Project Support

Stop Abuse Today



2017-2018 Project Support

Stop Violence Today

5K Race/Walk Saturday, September 30, 2017


2015-2016 Project Support

Tri-Town Domestic Violence Task Force

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Master of Ceremony for the Event - Rita Schiano



2014-2015 Project Support

Hope Phones -- Our Goal . . . Collect 500 Phones

"Wow, Rita! This is really amazing, you're running a model campaign. Thank you for all of your hard work and support  . . . I continue to be amazed by your collection efforts! Thank you very much. We really appreciate it, and I hope we cross paths someday so I can thank you properly."  ~ Sincerely,  Josh (Nesbit)

Hope Phones was founded in 2009 as an innovative way to fund the efforts of Medic Mobile, a nonprofit focused on advancing healthcare networks in developing countries using mobile technology. When you recycle a used cell phone through the Hope Phones campaign you help families have access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources.

HOW IT WORKS -- Hope Phones helps community health workers connect distant patients to a medical clinic. When you recycle a used cell phone through the Hope Phones campaign, their recycling partner assigns a value to that phone that is transferred to Hope Phone's account so they can acquire appropriate technology for the field, giving families access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources. The average donated phone in the US will allow Hope Phones to purchase 2-3 cell phones for the field. Smartphones can yield 5-10.

THE GOAL -- Our goal was to try to collect 500 phones. We take ANY phone - working or not, and don't need chargers or accessories. Hope Phone's recycling partner erases all data through a certified and secure process.

Here are the facts . . .

  • 500,000 cell phones are trashed each day in the United States.
  • By recycling just 1% of those phones, Hope Phones can raise money to buy 1,000,000 new cell phones for Mobile Medics health workers . . and help save millions of lives.

Business and Organizations Helping Us Save Lives . . .

The Chamber of Central Mass South / Community Business Association

Bay Path University - Central Mass Campus

Books and Beans

Brookfield Unitarian Universalist Church

The Center of Hope

Dave's Pest Control

The Sturbridge Coffee House

Amcomm Wireless

Idea Agency

KidsTerrain, Inc.

And, lastly, we are grateful for the dozens of individual donations to Rita Schiano ~ Live A Flourishing Life.

Hope Phones History: A young man named Josh Nesbit, during his sophomore summer break from Stanford University, volunteered at St. Gabriel's Hospital, an AIDS clinic in Malawi, one of Africa's poorest, least-developed nations. St Gabriel's served about 250,000 people, spread out over 100 square miles. Patients were walking, literally 60-80 miles to get to the clinic. There was 1 nurse who would travel 10 hours a day to help people. Josh had the idea to use high-tech open source software and set up a text-based communications network for St. Gabriel's so that local health workers could work on the frontlines of global health.