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Review on BOOKFINDS: Rita Schiano's Painting the Invisible Man explores truth through the veil of fiction and highlights these truths with honesty and emotional intensity. A beautiful poetic read! (read full review)

Book Talk With J & J:

Tulsa, OK -- Chic Galleria - Feature article: Author Uses Personal Experience To Write Novel

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SYRACUSE, NY -- BY RUSS TARBY, Columnist, EAGLE NEWSPAPERS -- Dad's murder inspires novel. Former Syracusan Rita Schiano fictionalizes 1976 slaying... (read more)

NEW DURHAM, NH -- BY BRENDAN BERUBE Staff Writer -- For Rita Schiano,the phrase "truth is stranger than fiction" is more than just an old saying ... it is quite literally the story of her life. In Schiano's latest novel, Painting the Invisible Man, a keying error made on a computer leads the main character hitting the wrong key. (read more...The Baysider)

NEW DURHAM, NH -- Fox Tale Books is thrilled to announce that author Rita Schiano will be at the bookstore on Friday, April 4, at 6:30 p.m. to read and discuss her terrific new book, Painting the Invisible Man. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served. (read more...Rochester Times)

WORCESTER, MA--During her childhood, Rita Schiano's parents were often separated. She would see her father when he stopped by the schoolyard at lunchtime or drove her home at the end of the day. Schiano traveled with her father to Las Vegas on several occasions; he always registered at the hotel under an alias.... (read more... Worcester Telegram & Gazette Speaking Volumes)

STURBRIDGE, MA -- The Woman in Business Inc. group will host local author Rita Schiano during its March 12 meeting,to be held at 6:45 the Oliver Wight Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village...
(read more...)

Midwest Book Review
Painting the Invisible Man is a historical fiction novel about an ordinary writer drawn into conducting research on the world of her father, a man murdered in a gangland-style hit more than two decades ago. The deeper she immerses herself in the painful and unresolved past, the more obsessed she becomes with uncovering the truth about her father, whom she thinks of as "The Invisible Man." Written with razor-sharp wit, Painting the Invisible Man is an absorbing tale that smoothly blends the quest for truth with the complexities of a self-portrait.

J. Kaye's Book Blog
Have you ever read a book that left you so full of emotion, you found it hard to discuss its contents? It's not often a book renders me searching for words that adequately express my feelings, but Painting the Invisible Man has done just that.

Most novels I'd describe as easy-breezy reads. I enjoy them, love to discuss them, and then want to move on. But Rita Schiano's book touched me in a place I rarely disclose to the public. The main character, Anna Matteo, hits a point in her life where she must come face to face with her past. Twenty years earlier, her father was murdered and she ran away and closed off a part of herself. Now, Anna stumbles across articles related to her father and she's ready to go back and understand what happened the day her father was murdered. -- Reviewed by J. Kaye Oldner

For the full review and reader comments go to: October 30, 2007 entry

Shelfari Author Review
Anna Matteo pays the bills by writing press releases, newsletters, and brochures. Even though she has one published novel under her belt, she no longer considers herself a "real writer". She's been working on the same novel for the past seven years, but has yet to even give it a title despite constant goading from her muse, Amy Tan.

Painting the Invisible Man is both touching and even humorous at times. I found myself rooting for Anna, hoping she not only discovered who her father was, but found herself and her own happiness as well. Rita Schiano has proven herself to be a powerful, talented storyteller. -- Reviewed by Jennifer Baker

STURBRIDGE, MA -- Writer Rita Schiano talks about coming to Sturbridge and finding the truth about earlier events in her life. During her senior year in college, her father was murdered, the victim of a mob hit. She has written a fascinating book about truth, coincidence and forgiveness. (Read full story...)

BOSTON -- In 2001, Sturbridge, Mass.-based author Rita Schiano was researching the archives of the "Syracuse Post-Standard" for a client. She accidentally charged 10 articles instead of the one she needed to her credit card. After retrieving her client's news article, and with nine more for which she'd already paid, Schiano, a native of Syracuse, New York, began typing in names of people she knew, including her father. (Read full story...)

Sturbridge -- Local Writer Paints Haunting Picture... (read more)

SOUTHBRIDGE, MA -- Rita Schiano, like much of the country, watched the series finale of The Sopranos on HBO last night. But unlike most of the country, Schiano probably had a better idea of what was going to happen.

That's because she's lived it.

Late last month, Schiano, a Sturbridge resident and writer, saw her memories put to paper in the fictional novel, Painting the Invisible Man. (Read full story...) SouthbridgeEvening News6/11/07.pdf

Archived Radio/PodCast Interviews

Radio Interview - Meet The Author with Denny Griffin. (Las Vegas, NV)

PodCast Interview - The Writing Show with Paula B. (Los Angeles, CA)

Radio Interview. Today's Author with David Ewen. Blog Talk Radio. Can also be seen on Channel 4 on

On February 25, 2011, Rita Schiano will be the guest speaker at the Community Business Associates meeting, where she'll talk about a costly workplace epidemic: stress. Schiano is a stress management and resilience-building coach and instructor, and the author of "Live A Flourishing Life," a self-exploration process book on how to decrease stress, build resilience, bounce back from adversity, and live the good life.