Strategic Personal Coaching

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Strategic Personal Coaching

"Rita helped me identify areas of improvement and gave me guidance on how to

develop resilience within my own life."

Thinking about working with a life coach? The time to start is now . . .

Strategic personal coaching  is customized specifically to your most important goals, interests, challenges, and needs.

The goal of private sessions is to offer insight and assistance that will guide you towards actionable, positive changes that will affect all areas of your life.

As a resilience strategist and coach, I provide new perspectives and recommend strategies for people looking to make changes in their personal or professional life.

Throughout the process we explore the long-standing attitudes and habits that have influenced your life. Armed with this insight, you will develop a workable plan to manage the challenges that come your way.

As we uncover your resilient skills and attitudes, the building blocks to strengthening and maintaining your resiliency, we will work to reinforce the resilience skills and attitudes you do have, and develop the ones needed to help you achieve your goals, and meet the challenges you may encounter along the way.

Rita received her Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate from Robbins-Madanes. Strategic Intervention Coaching (also known as SI) practices extracts the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation.

"Rita taught me to awaken positive traits I see in myself or have exhibited in the past. This insight will help me manage current and future stressors."

Invest in Yourself Today!

Depending on your interests, goals and needs, personal coaching can focus on one or more of these areas:

  • Career coaching -- Advance in your career and/or transition to a new career
  • Personal and professional development -- Focuses on helping you perform and execute better at work
  • Health and wellness -- Breaking down the habits that serve you and the habits that don't, understanding stress and its effects on your health, building resilience skills and attitudes
  • Interpersonal relationships -- Improving communication, conflict and emotional intelligence to enhance your relationship skills
  • Work/life balance -- Establishing healthy boundaries between work and personal life
  • Achieving success -- Developing the skills, mindsets and strategies needed to succeed and achieve their goals
  • Retirement -- Having a satisfying and healthy retirement is a case study in resilience. When your days of working full time come to an end, much of what you have known ends too. Your sense of self, your financial underpinnings, possibly your access to good health care, your social structure, your relationships with others, all will undergo changes. We work on the six basic life areas that make for retirement well-being.

Strategic Personal Coaching is a process and the duration of the coaching relationship varies depending on one's personal preferences and needs.

Private office in Sturbridge, MA, or by phone, Skype, Facetime, or For more information CONTACT RITA directly.

Wondering if strategic coaching is right for you? Call or CONTACT ME to arrange a consultation!

Maintenance Coaching Program

Maintenance Coaching is an on-going support program for those who have worked with me in private sessions or workshops and want to continue their personal progress in creating positive change in their life. 

We meet in-person or via phone or Skype, Facetime, or for two (2) sessions per month for three (3) to six (6) months.

Maintenance Coaching is ideal for:

  • Continuing the momentum generated in your private coaching sessions or workshop
  • Staying on track and focused toward the changes you most want to create next

The Maintenance Coaching Program is:

  • A dependable check-in 2 times per month for support, strategies, fresh perspective, and furtherance of your goals and actionable needs
  • Your opportunity to address any hurdles or challenges you may have encountered, or important decisions you are grappling with
  • Twice monthly supportive accountability to be sure you are reaching and achieving your personal and/or professional goals and action items

This two-session per month Maintenance Coaching Program is conducted over your choice of three or six months and includes:

  • Two, 50-minute private coaching sessions scheduled in advance monthly to ensure momentum
  • Two (2) phone calls during which we can address any questions, hurdles, or breakthroughs, as well as e-mail support between sessions

Register here to set up your Maintenance Coaching Program. Upon receipt, we will contact you via e-mail and/or telephone to set up a schedule. Session options are in-person at the Sturbridge office or online via

Single Tune-Up Session

It's exactly that … If you have a pressing matter, needs insight and direction on a specific issue, or need support in resolving a specific situation or concern, the Single Tune-Up Session is for you.

The Single Tune-Up Session is:

  • A focused 50-minute private coaching session
  • Scheduled as soon as possible and according to urgency

To set up your Single Tune-Up Session please call 774-230-5670 or e-mail me.