Resilience: The Key to Retirement Well-Being

"As retirement for me involved exerting a lot of effort into selling everything and moving to another country, I hadn’t stopped to really think about what I’d be doing once I got there.

Rita Schiano’s course “Resilience: The Key to Retirement Well-being” led me to examine areas of my life that would move to the forefront once I stopped working. The pointed questions on the worksheets concerning personal growth, family and community especially made me think about those areas of my life.

I’ve only been in my retirement home (Lake Chapala area, Mexico) for three months now so I haven’t found my niche here yet, but what I’ve learned in this course is invaluable for helping me to find it. A highly recommended and worthwhile online course." ~ Heidi Knowlton

Having a satisfying and healthy retirement is a case study in resilience.

When your days of working full time come to an end, much of what you have known ends too. Your sense of self, your financial underpinnings, possibly your access to good health care, your social structure, your relationships with others, all will undergo changes.

This course looks at the six basic life areas and offers resilience-based strategies that make for retirement well-being.

Just like you found a good financial advisor who helped you set financial goals and priorities, and recommend specific steps to meet them, now let me guide you through the strategies and steps you need to ensure your retirement well-being.

"Rita takes you beyond financial planning and gets you to think about a critical area often not planned for -- lifestyle planning. Rita provides a fountain of thoughtful information for anyone thinking about and preparing for retirement!  She has highlighted some basic life changes which must be thought about before taking the actual step to retiring. 

With the worksheet, she provides to help you identify what is important to you, you will be able to assess what you need to do to make your retirement the best it can be for you and your unique lifestyle!"  ~ Becky Bruso, Owner, The BizPal Company, LLC.

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Resilience: The Key to Retirement Well-Being

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