Strategic Goal Mapping*

We all have that goal, that one thing we want to do (eat better, lose weight, start a business, _fill___in____the____blank_); that one thing that shows up on our New Year's Resolution lists year after year after year. I know I had my nemesis goals. So one day I sat down with pen in hand and thought, Okay, Rita. What will it take for you to succeed? What strategies have you used before that worked and how can you apply them in a systematic way? And then I had one of those Aha! moments and Strategic Goal Mapping was born.

Strategic Goal Mapping is a creative and graphic goal-mapping technique. Utilizing a five-step process that includes:

  • SGM#1: Habit formation cycle at work
  • SGM#2:  Breaking down the thought/emotion process affecting your decisions and actions
  • SGM#3: Creating change by interrupting the emotional pattern
  • SGM#4: Enacting categorical change
  • SGM#5: Transformation > action plan

This workshop is held online via ZOOM. You do not need to download an app, simply login to the meeting link at start time. ZOOM enables us to have a live meeting with gallery view so we all can see one another, ask questions, respond to one another in real time, just as if we were together in a conference room!

"Rita is a gifted speaker with a heart for helping others in their growth process. Her focus on personal fulfillment as a worthwhile goal is refreshing."

~ Laurie Nelson, Attendee, Habitudes 2.0 Workshop

*Habitudes I and Habitudes II are required prior to taking this workshop.


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Strategic Goal Mapping

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