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From the moment writer Jenny Ceretti spots Susan Fredrickson at the Village Coffeehouse, her serene life begins to change. As their friendship explodes into a tempestuous love affair, Jenny discovers that all is not as it appears. While Susan is haunted by a terrifying past, Jenny comes face-to-face with past ghosts that no longer will stay hidden. Sweet Bitter Love explores a relationship that walks the fine line between compassion and co-dependence.

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Sweet Bitter Love by Rita Schiano — This is a perfect title. It is sweet love, it is bitter love, and it is love. It also has some explicit lesbian love scenes, they are beautifully presented but you should know they are there if they would bother you. The main character, Jenny, is a writer and copy editor. The love of her life left her a year ago and she is now semi-open to a new relationship. Her friend Diane is a therapist living with Jenny's best friend Janey. Diane says something that I really find insightful and applies to everyone, we tend to search out relationships that mimic our childhood relationships until we get it right or have worked through the hurt and come out the other side. Good stuff. The relationship that Jenny develops involves love, alcoholism, Al Anon, obsession, deep emotional thoughts, and growth. The character is well written and well developed. I could feel her emotions, and understand them, even when I wanted to tell her to get on with it. But that's the sign of good writing, wanting to tell the character to grow up and get on with life. It's an interaction. I would recommend this book if you don't mind the lesbian aspect. - posted by Wyn Is Reading Books

"Sexy, passionate, and humorous, the book is a great 'fast read'." - Linda Wong, Sojourner

...Schiano captures the passion, pain and fragility of modern day romantic relationships...Readers will cycle through feelings of joy, bitterness, excitement and anger as they learn how and why the relationship unfolds as it does...Schiano presents this dramatic tale of love, pain and soul-searching in clear, easy-to-read prose with an energizing style that dares the reader to set the book down. Highly recommended! - Susan Phelps, author, A Lady Without a Latitude

Schiano serves up passion, courage, and clear-eyed honesty in this dramatic debut novel. A roller-coaster romance which vividly captures the rhythm and feel of love's sometimes rocky ride. - Womankind Books, New York

The reader sees the relationship from Jenny's point of view, from her beginning fascination with Susan, through to the end. It is an interesting look into the highs and lows of life with an alcoholic...This is not an easy subject ...It is, however, a situation common to many. Schiano has opened the door to an important subject that few want to discuss.

- R. Lynne Watson, Mega Scene, Palm Springs, Vol. #14

This is a debut novel by Rita Schiano - passionate, courageous and dramatic. Definitely a name to remember. When's the next book out? - ScotsGay Magazine, Scotland

Notice: This title was originally published by Rising Tide Press in 1997 and bears its ISBN. In 2003, the author regained exclusive ownership of all rights to the work. The Reed Edwards Company distributes the book on behalf of the author.


Sweet Bitter Love

Sweet Bitter Love
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