Programs / Keynotes

Below are my most requested programs and keynotes. Please know that I am happy to customize a program to reflect your specific goals and outcomes, and change program titles to better suit your theme. Call me at 774-230-5670 to find out more.

Many of my programs, too, are available in keynote and extended breakout formats. Contact Rita to discuss the best program option for your business or organization's needs.

Rita was fabulous! I was so impressed with her and enjoyed the whole presentation [National Association of Professional Organizers - New England]. She was engaging, funny and so insightful. I really appreciated her thoughtful approach and vast knowledge of her subject matter (and all her very appropriate stories) . . . . I gained so much from the presentation last night!" Julie Sheridan, design 2 order LLC

* Stress Management Programs * Motivational / Inspirational Keynotes

* Personal Development Resilience-Building Presentations * Strategic Personal Coaching

* Professional Development / Leadership Presentations

* Retreat Workshops * Meeting Planners

Stress Management Programs

The stress management programs detail the components of stress management and resilience building. The program content is tailored to the audience and will focus on the types of stressors predominant for:

  • Employees (business)
  • Caregivers
  • Educators
  • Health care providers
  • Chaplains
  • General audience


Personal Development Resilience-Building Presentations

  • Resilience: The Key To Retirement Well-Being
  • How To Recover From Setbacks and Embrace Change (Personal Resilience Building)
  • Change Your Habitude (How Your Attitude Affects Your Personal and Professional Life)
  • Mentoring/ Coaching


Professional Development / Leadership Presentations

  • Becoming a Resilient Leader (Resilient Leadership)
  • Building a Team That Really Works (Team Building/Teamwork)
  • Put Away Those Combat Boots (Conflict Management/Conflict Resolution)
  • Can't We All Just Get Along? (Working With Difficult People)
  • Did You Say What I Think I Heard? (Effective Interpersonal Communication)
  • Embrace Your Muse (Developing Critical and Creative Thinking Skills)


Motivational / Inspirational Keynotes

  • Attitude Is Everything
  • Living A Less Stressed, More Flourishing Life
  • Resilience: The Key To Retirement Well-Being
  • Job or Vocation? Discovering Your Purpose-filled Profession
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Painting The Invisible Man (Author Talk)


Retreat Workshops


Meeting Planners